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I Refuse To Feel Guilty For Eating Meat

I Like It Bloody Yes I like meat. When possible I even like it bloody. And yes raw beef is an option (huuum carpachio... why is it some people can eat sushi but frown when looking at you eating a tasty... [more]
  • I Love To Share And Swap Recipes

    Tofu Steak Hello, This a a recipe that can be good for vegan or meat eaters. I'm a voratious meat eater and i like tofu steak too. It's a way to make your bland tofu tasty and delicio… [more]
  • I Love Comic Books

    And It's Been A Long Time I clearly remember my first encounter with the world of comic books (well US comics) At that time I was 13 and I liked franco-belgian comics and manga as well a classic book. Of course I… [more]
  • I Like Victorian Clothing

    And I Own Some Too And not only do I own them but I sewed them myself. And I must say I'm pretty proud. I have two evening dresses, one dark red and one turquoise and one day dress white and yello… [more]
  • I 'm Gonna Find Inspiration And Write What I Have To

    If Only Words Were More Friendly These Days I have like a total writer block right now.  And of course I'm angry at myself for not being able to do what I must. Writing is not something I do for a living, my words will not be… [more]
  • Ah ah first post !

    Posted on: March 23rd, 2010 at 7:50PM

    Welcome Dear All of you on this blog. A word about myself. Being a somewhat private person by nature, I did not feel compeled in facebook/twitter/myspace, but I was tempted by EP, a private social place with values I can feel close to. And of course privacy. So here I am. Also I am french so you are allowed to imagine me speaking in that terrible accent that we, the french people, are rumored to have. You are also allowed not to scream at me if I do obnoxious spelling or grammar mistake. In exchange I promise to read myself twice before posting anything. From Paris with love Tilia … [more]