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I Refuse To Feel Guilty For Eating Meat

I Like It Bloody Yes I like meat. When possible I even like it bloody. And yes raw beef is an option (huuum carpachio... why is it some people can eat sushi but frown when looking at you eating a tasty... [more]
  • I Love To Share And Swap Recipes

    Tofu Steak Hello, This a a recipe that can be good for vegan or meat eaters. I'm a voratious meat eater and i like tofu steak too. It's a way to make your bland tofu tasty and delicio… [more]
  • I Love Comic Books

    And It's Been A Long Time I clearly remember my first encounter with the world of comic books (well US comics) At that time I was 13 and I liked franco-belgian comics and manga as well a classic book. Of course I… [more]
  • I Like Victorian Clothing

    And I Own Some Too And not only do I own them but I sewed them myself. And I must say I'm pretty proud. I have two evening dresses, one dark red and one turquoise and one day dress white and yello… [more]
  • I 'm Gonna Find Inspiration And Write What I Have To

    If Only Words Were More Friendly These Days I have like a total writer block right now.  And of course I'm angry at myself for not being able to do what I must. Writing is not something I do for a living, my words will not be… [more]