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Dedicated to God in spiritual ways according to scripture that is but foolishness to all natural minds of this world. - Most current and up to date has over 495 of my lengthy blogs on God’s Truth and the Reality of this Human Race near the beginning of these horrible End-Times coming upon all civilization;

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I Am a Born Again Christian

United States as it is With Reason Why "The master planners devised the strategy of a merger - a Great Merger - among nations. But before such a merger can be... [more]
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    What To Do If You Have No Friends No Life And Just Nothing To Do---because there is something we all need to be doing. What should you do with you're life if you have no friends, little to do, difficulties and confusion in life with things not getting any better? There are answers to all things when one simply decides… [more]
  • I Am Christian

    God Knows All Things Including You're Own Heart Better Than You Know Yourself---Plus His Instruction on How to Read the Holy Bible  “For the ways of man are before the eyes of the Lord, and He watches all his goings; and is a discerner of the thoughts and intent of the heart with everything naked and open unto Him.” … [more]
  • I Am Christian

    What Compelled Me To Become An Author With My First Book Titled . . . "Message For This Entire Human Race" What compelled me to become an author with my first book titled . . . "Message For This Entire Human Race? What led me for t… [more]
  • I Speak Of False Religions Worldwide

    False Religions, Prophets And Teachers. What’s the most unique part of life is growing close to God in ways that cannot be explained because they are not of this world. It’s like trying to tell others what the meat of the… [more]
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    There Is Inner Peace With A Joy Only God Can Supply Regardless of your situations in life.
    What can bring joy with inner peace even when living with near nothing in one extremely troubled and divided world filled with disasters such as Yolanda here in the Philippines only bringing suffering with death through disorganized government corruption making this planet more unstable than water with the worst timesoftrouble that have ever been coming upon all with none to believe the serious truth and the reasons why according to God?When we can talk to God daily nonstop in spiritual ways through faith, we just know He not only hears us, but answers in His own ways and His own time for reasons we may not fully understand – yet through our very strong faith – we know there is a strong reas… [more]
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    Typhoon Yolanda In The Philippines With Its Message For This Entire Human Race
    People all over this planet face, live in and deal with hardships while looking to themselves when completely missing how others scattered all over this world are living in destruction, violence, disease, starvation, rapes, murders, child abuse and one complete mess that an a to z library of books would required to share any detail of world suffering while missing the most important point being -- Its going to happen to you also in even worse ways according to God who this world of believers fail to believe because the god of this world being the father of lies leads all in any direction but truth.http ://  /DOhRgvBhwCwSeven years ago I left America with no income or savings on a … [more]
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    We all have our fights in life even if all they are is simple survival.
    Life is and can be for many nothing more than a depressing battle that never seems to end; and we all would prefer to try something new, but when we become locked in tight with walls to high and solid rock at our feet, what can we do? For 15 months my power comes from the sellers home for the 20x13 storage building my wife and I live in with some additions I have been working on with bamboo, coco lumber and hollow block. We have some rice, a few stale crackers and little more. The 70cc Rusi scooter I ride has had a flat tire and the inner tube cost is far to great. Our 1998 Kia also has a flat for months now plus other needs. My wife at 40 has a weak heart and many body aches and pains for b… [more]
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    Message for Kevin Costner
    Message For Kevin Costner Throughout your career you have always shown excellence in revealing many unknown truths due the pathetic rule of man on this earth.Dances with Wolves showed what the white man did to the Indians with absolutely no just cause or reason.JFK reveals how and why the president was murdered by the United States corrupt government.The Postman and Waterworld give a glimpse of what the unknown future of humanity could become in minds lacking true knowledge of exactly what the destiny of this human race will actually become with precise detail, why and for how long. . .Because I have nothing to do with this world’s civilization, places or things while only seeking direction … [more]
  • Want a very strong relationship with our creator?

    Posted on: October 30th, 2010 at 10:14PM

    Our Relationship with God can only grow in Spirit and truth if its His will because only God is in full control of all things on spiritual levels that only those spiritually minded with only His true and genuine Spirit can understand; and that is because what they see comes not from the wisdom of man that sees all things spiritually as foolishness. "And He changeth the times and the seasons: He removeth kings, and He setteth up kings: He giveth wisdom to the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding". Daniel 2:21 1 Corinthians chapter two is an excellent read for those who only want the spiritual wisdom and knowledge accompanied with understanding of that knowledge which is. . … [more]


  • Tithes are un-biblical and theft from God’s children

    Posted on: March 4th, 2010 at 8:15PM

    For one thing through my past earlier years when I did go to church I gave many thousands far above tithes to church building funds, medical research, feed the children, midnight call and just far to many causes to list. Since then things have changed because when one has no funds to tithe with its impossible and God knows that. And with that the church is the active body of Christ and not a building to support; and when one comes right down to reality and prove all things; God's requirement to pay tithes in the New Testament can't be found. And that is because God wants your heart, mind, body and soul to love, honor and obey Him as a lively stone and not your money as the dens of thieves c… [more]


  • How Much Genuine Appreciation Do You Have For Just Bread And Water?

    Posted on: August 17th, 2010 at 10:20PM

    When ones existence becomes dependent on God as their heartbeat with His words for their blood flow that need a continual transfusion of new blood always which is a non-stop flow of new additional wisdom and knowledge with understanding----because for our creator we hold nothing back within His messages that He has given us for a purpose; because to hold back His truths on some subjects only make His other truths in vain; and to preach and to teach only partial truths is exactly what all the blind shepherds do worldwide---so what all learn and what all feel comfortable with are only bits and pieces of the puzzle that makes it incomplete without the proper roots on solid ground with the great… [more]


  • Updated: For Thus Saith The Lord

    Posted on: July 12th, 2010 at 8:18AM

    Seek ye me, and ye shall live. Forsake me and you shall be destroyed due to your lack of knowledge. Amos 5:4 Hosea 4:6 Do you consider seeking going to church for the doctrines and traditions of man that according to God make His word of none affect? We are to live by every word of God with complete trust in only Him with no confidence in man, yet all religious people are taught falsely by man while ignoring the words of God that teach only truth such as the blind leading the blind. Because our Father is a God of love He supplies us with all that we need to know within the pages of His Book of Instruction called the Holy Bible, but we do not search His words as commanded, and those who do … [more]