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I am a 50 + male that has worn diapers since I was five due to a car accident. I was teased throughout my school years and high school... just because I still had to wear diapers all the time

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I Want To Know What You Wear When You Sleep

My Nightwear Unfortunately, my nightwear for me has always been diapers. When I was younger, I had to wear cloth diapers and plastic pants, but now, I'm always in a disposable diaper at night... and nothing else... [more]
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    Wearing Diapers In College While growing up in diapers, through grade school and even thru high school.. being teased from time to time... but when I went off to college, I figured that things would be different and no one woul… [more]
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    Summer And Diapers It's mid July and now it's in the mid 90's to almost 100 degrees without the humidity and or heat index ... so anyone dealing with incontinence and wearing diapers to help with an embarrassing problem… [more]
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