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I Racism

Mistress Racism She's heavily cloaked.Made up with several coats of foundation,thick eyeliner and distracting red lipstick.Her stench is covered by a blinding cloud of perfume;weakening our senses. Behind her... [more]
  • I Love

    Withered June 17,2012 11:27 p.m. I've decided to return back to this method of venting and clarity.I had a major epiphany today involving Kevin and I.One should say it was a MAJOR break through.I've be… [more]
  • Contradicting A Conflicting Conviction.

    Posted on: August 3rd, 2012 at 12:19AM

    To face the future unafraid is a silly statement.To face fear unashamed is a great feat.How does one cope with a suddenly changed perspective;vision? It may seem "cliche" or "impossible" for some women,but for me;I am very detatched emotionally. I've always thought of myself as a walking and talking contradiction which was how my former  lover saw me.Ha,former.The word rolls off of my tongue unnoticed.It has no flavor or texture.With all my heart I long for him to be my current love.The one beside me,always,but I'm not feeling anything.See how I contradict myself? But   he is not here anymore because I told him I wanted him to be gone;for good.I didn't really mean it and meant every word.He … [more]


  • Depth In Thought

    Posted on: November 16th, 2012 at 3:52AM

    Ever felt as though you should be picking someone up from the ground and darping their almost lifeless body in your strong, metaphorical embrace? I feel this way constantly.Yet; I get wrapped up in my own head and my own thoughts.Some things will go unnoticed and later on I nearly regret that I neglected to aid it. I know a thing or two about one person or another and they'll look up to me as if I have some grand words of wisdom that will paint their grey skies blue. I can only gaze upon them in disbelief because I need my blue skies too. I have a slight idea of how to help others, I feel the pain; every emotion of others and I want to fix it. I never dive directly into a situation because o… [more]


  • The Loudest Silence

    Posted on: August 3rd, 2012 at 9:32PM

    I've nothing to  complain about.It almost seems like I am looking for  something to fuss about,just to add a bit of  color to my otherwise calm life.I'm glad for it though,Lord knows I've been through enough  chaos and constant "back and forths" that this calm  is like a slice of Heaven.What  am  I getting at?You're probably asking.Shoot I  don't know.It's just too quiet,but I don't want to call up my late night buddy and do anything tonight.It's  not like I could since I'm on my monthly.We're cool and he always tries to remind me but I just tend to stay to myself and tonight I don't want to be alone.I want to light a blunt  and hang out with my "buddy" while we flick ashes on unexpected per… [more]