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I Am Dressed Like A Woman Right Now

I decided tonight to dress in my skinny jeans, knee boots and sleeveless turtleneck...I feel great, I realized that I had to put a bill in the mail so I rounded up my purse, keys, and phone and headed... [more]
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  • I Remember My First Crossdressing Experience

    My First Time My first time was when i tried on my moms bathing suit I was about 9 years old. It was a one piece that was black and blue. It was on the back of the bathroom door while we were on vacation and I just… [more]
  • I Am a Male to Female Crossdresser

    I did something today I have always wanted to do. I dressed and watched some videos on makeup and did an ok job for a first timer. Then I went for a drive which was a great feeling the way the seatbel… [more]
  • I Am a Male to Female Crossdresser

    Hello all! I made another step today. I have always loved running and women's running clothes (going back to my high school Cross Country and Track days). Today I went and bought work out capri's, spo… [more]
  • I Would Like For All Crossdressers To Disclose Their State

    Jersey girl here, both at the shore and central jersey.… [more]