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Hey hey! I am funny and I love to hang out laughing and smiling! I hate DRAMA, but I wont be allow people to be disrespectful to me and others who I care for! I am moody and an opportunist! I go where ever I want and I and a loving person who will be so loyal if you show me you are loyal also!

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I Have a Confession

I tried to stop it and I tried to push him away! He did the same! We have fought it tooth and nail but now we both realized its not working. I think about him when we are a part and I long to run... [more]
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  • I Can Feel Other's Emotions

    Feeling Others Emotions. Hello everyone, I think I was about 14 or 15 when I noticed that my emotions are all crazy. I really did not understand it until I read up about it. I can walk into a room and know what everyone or mo… [more]
  • I Like To Watch Other Girls Undressing

    I Tried To Do What I Thought Was The Right Thing To Do! Hello, I was strung out on Meth for a very long time. One day I got caught with a very small amount of meth. I believe that me being caught is what saved my life. I am from Oklahoma and one day I deci… [more]
  • I Am Curious About the Dominant Submissive Lifestyle

    I Am New And Have Only Had Little Submissing To Do Yet. I have just began the submissive role. I have only been asked to do some writting about myself for him to read. He say if I am good he will choice me. I want him to choice me. He has asked me to quit … [more]
  • I Think Paris Hilton Is Annoying

    A Poem Called Lie's. Your the one with all the lie's, It seems to me your just another guy, A guy who played me for a fool, The one's who tear my heart in two, The word's you speak mean nothing to … [more]