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I Want to Be a Mother One Day

A Baby Without A Mummy Can you adopt a real Adult baby ? or do you know off anyone that will ?. Here is a adult baby that is 100% like a real baby he wears baby cloths 24/7 and wear diapers 24/7 [more]
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  • I Want to Be a Mom

    I Want To Have A Mum All I ever dreamed of is having a Mum that I can call mummy. I am a tall sweet baby boy like the real thing but don`t cry, I wear baby cloths as they look like the real baby cloths 24/7… [more]
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    About The adoption
    What I have been saying for a long long time know is that I am up for adoption is because I have lost my family all down to cancer,me lost my dad years ago and 8 years ago lost my mother to cancer as I`m the only one they had I thought that I better check myselfto see if I will end up like my family but got told I`m 100% fine and no sine of cancer. At that point I said to myself why not put myselfup for ADOPTION and see if any one can help or have me because I started eating baby food 24/7 like a baby and drinking baby formulafrom a baby bottle, then started to buy baby cloths to fit me and then started to wear nappies/diapers 24/7 like babies do. I  have done all this for years know and fou… [more]