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I Am In Love With Someone I Can't Have

He's my best friend. I tell him everything and he tells me everything. We are so close. I feel he is my soulmate. I love him and he has told me he loves me. He is married. I would never... [more]
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  • I Believe Dreams Come True

    Dream Was True I have a friend at work who has been with his girl over two years. A few months ago I dreamt he and his girl were holding a beautiful baby girl with big blue eyes. In my dream my mom was talking to … [more]
  • I Have Kidney Failure, Chronic

    I don't have kidney failure. My best friend was told yesterday he has kidney failure. He has to see his primary doctor and get properly diagnosed. I would like information on what I can do to help.… [more]
  • I Did Something I Regret

    I have been walking around for days thinking about this non stop. I am going to post my thoughts here and then maybe I can finally let it go........... I work with a man everyday. We became fr… [more]
  • I Might Have Cancer

    I am to afraid to say anything. I have been feeling tired and achy for couple months. My left breast has a dull ache from time to time and my arm pits are sore. I tried to go to the doctor about si… [more]