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Nothing really to say here except that I'm a generally understanding person, with a love for the arts. English is most definitely my passion.

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I Am a Sociopath

I Have Sociopathic Tendencies. I am the one who constantly in my free time offers practical advice to those who need it. I only find a strong interest in those who share an intellect similar to my own and don't allow any strong... [more]
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    I Have A Crush On A Social Studies Teacher.
    I have only recently been going to this new alternative school based on some difficulties in a normal setting and have excelled, gaining the respect of all the teachers, even the ones I don't have. However, one seems to capture my attention. Ever since I started attending this school he's been standing outside the cafeteria in the morning to prevent kids to head upstairs too early, (As some of them are here for being serious troublemakers), but never really spoke with anybody, not even the other staff. I at first didn't really notice him, as I'm the shy type, but as I've been in this new close-knit sort of setting I've completely broken out of my immature depressing shell, and go around chat… [more]