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Am 21 from England

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I Like to Flirt

Flirting No one can say they don't like flirting unless they feel uncomftble or don't have much confidence but flirting makes you feel amazing when they flirt back its so much fun the chemistry of eyes and the... [more]
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  • I Enjoy Being Seduced

    I See Girls So when am working am like mmmm shes fit ye shes good looking but i dont know em so its just sex! So the idea of a georgeous woman seducing me n flirting n bein all forward is a major turn on by far!… [more]
  • I Smoke Weed

    Wake And Bake You wake up all tired n bit groggy but you then remember you have weed left nobodys home all day and you can smoke up a fat couple of splifs b4 going down n making yaself a huge brekkie for them munc… [more]
  • I Smoke Weed

    My Weed Story So am 20 21 in like a week and a love me bud dont smoke it everyday but like it on me werkends wake and bake sex is awesome after spliff funny films space cakes with mates lotsa fun love weed! Haha… [more]
  • I Smoke Weed

    Tommys Weed Diarys 1 Gonna start a maybe twice or once a week thing of my fun and storys and w.e of smoking weed haha i dont care who reads em its mostly for me to remember good stoned in times :D if ya do read this tho m… [more]