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I Like Wearing "tights", Leggings

Trying On Girl Cloths One day my mom and dad had an appointment to got to. So I was home alone. My sister was out of town with her friends. I was watching T.V. I was thinking to myself what would it feel like to wear girl... [more]
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  • I Like Wearing "tights", Leggings

    Home Alone I remember when I was home alone. I was board. I started to think where I had put my tights. I went in my room and I found them. I had put them on and after they were on I went to my sisters room. I o… [more]
  • I Really Want To Get A Girl Pregnant

    Pregnant I want to find a girl that wants to get pregnant. After that they won't have to see me again. Any girl in Minnesota that wants to get pregnant?… [more]
  • I Want Sex Now

    Right Now Sometimes I think what would it be like if a girl were sucking on my ****. How would that feel. I'm always thinking about sex I can't get my mind off of it. Anyone out there willing to help me out. I … [more]
  • I Wear Compressed Pants

    Compressed Pants I love to wear compressed pants. They feel so good and soft. I remember the first time I got a pair. The felt a little weird at first. But then I got use to it. I like wearing them because they are ti… [more]