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Confused It seems lately all we do is fight. All mutual respect has become disrespect and we no longer feel each other. We've been together twelve years and I hope we're not losing time. Am I trying to keep up... [more]
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    I care
    I love my wife with all my heart but I believe that I'm in her way. I don't know wat to say Orr how to say anything anymore. She constantly cries when I talk and says I never feel her. Now she's even starting to try to hide ****. I'm happy with her but I don't wanna ne a burden on her. I would much rather her be the happy one. She's a great person and maybe o just don't float her boat anymore. We've been 11 years and maybe our time up. It's just so confusing to me. I just wanna know wats on her mind. I just want to have a decent conversation with no yelling so I try to understand her. Even if she doesn't wanna be with me anymore I just wanna know at I did wrong… [more]
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    is it happening
    So now I know she's hiding something. U know how someone tries to erase something out of there phone. I already seen it. What to do now? Should o bring it up or say nothing.… [more]
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    Is it like this
    My wife and I are great together. In a happy moment or mood we're over excited but when we're beefing its like we're rival gang members. Is just something that comes with love… [more]
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    I had dream last night and my ex was my now. Let me find out I want that old thing back.… [more]