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I Am Going Bald

I hate it, my hair is always really short, like a 2 on the top and a 0 on the sides. It's sad I try not to care but it's weird like I can sense my hair loss happening all say everyday ... [more]
  • I Am Mixed Race

    Half Jamaican And Half British I'm white and black mixed. Where I'm from in the uk this seems to be the new fashion. Everybody wants lil chocolate kids and I just love proving how great we are! Ps on the flip side it i… [more]
  • I Hate Fake People

    I Don'T Hate Fake Ppl, Pity Is More Like It... Fake people do make me laugh, come to think of it fake people are just guys and girls that want to be something that they are not. It's as simple as that, I ain't into any of your backstabbing two fac… [more]
  • I Hate Cars

    I Hate Cars, I Hate The Police. I Love My New Tyres Lol Since buying a car last year I've had it pretty easy to be fair. It ran like a dream. This was my first car and it cost me about £5000 in total. Within a few months I had to pay or tax (… [more]
  • I Have Learnt Something Today

    How To Be Humble You know the one, somebody thinks they're in the right when you know without doubt they are completely wrong. You state your case, informing them of their stupidity and even though you thought it righ… [more]