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Im Pretty Weird. Crazy. Some Even Consider Me To Be Insane. You Can Judge Me If You Want As Long As You Dont Try To Change Me. I AM Pansexual.

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I Am Vegaterian

To Be Honest... I just got interested in being a vegetarian today. I watched a video of how the animals are killed and tortured and its disgusting.  My friend is trying to tell me that its no big deal and shes... [more]
  • I Think Lyrics Can Say It Better Than Words

    Once By Karma ♥ I love this song. My boyfriend used to sing it all the time. He told me to listen to it one day. I fell inlove with it. Everytime i hear it it makes me think of him. ♥ I love the meaning of the… [more]
  • I Am a Teen With Depression

    I Hate My Depression. I have been depressed for about 5 years and i hate it. I can be happy when I need to be. My friends always ask me whats wrong and i just tell them im tired or not feeling good. Most of them belive me … [more]
  • I Don't Want to Lose Him

    Ive Lost To Many Things In This Life... i dont want to lose my boyfriend too. we have been friends for a year, went to homecoming together, talk everyday, dated once and i lost him then. im back with him now but i feel like i lost him alrea… [more]
  • I Will Not Apologize For Who I Am

    You Cant Change Me... i have created my image the way i want it to be. im not gonna change. i dont want to try to please everyone in this stupid world. i am loud. i am annoying. im short. my hair is messy. im depressed. i … [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    are you giving up and done, are you through with all this are you tired of the pain, torn to pieces.
    im in love? no. im happy? no. i found someone that means something to me? yes. she is amazing in every way. her smile, her laugh, the way she makes me smile like an idiot then thinks its cute, she calls me baby. she texts me nonstop. she makes my mind go crazy. but im still deperssed. not as bad as it used to be. not enough to go back to cutting but bad enough to be nagative. im listening to he is we and its making it a little better but not much. ive hurt myself on accident purposly a few times today. i didnt mean to hurt myself i just couldnt stop myself. i shoved a screw driver against my head, stabbed myself with a knife, scratched my arm till it bled. im gettin scared. ive never done an… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    the sun us shining. =]
    counciling is good. micheals out of juvy. danny comes back tomorrow. matts moving out of state. two weeks of school left. im single now. its almost summer!!!!!!… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    i must confess
    i wanna cut so bad right now. im stuck with my brother in law till nine when my sister gets home, im cold, i dont have service so i cant text, i dnt feel good, and im tired. the only thing that will make my feel better is warm blood running down my arm, so bright. im always amazed by the scars after. some stick out and some dont. some are pink and some are white. i have razor blades, and so many places to hide while i do but why should i give in to this presure? yeah i wanna do it and i can do it but is it worth it to even try anymore? the scars re cool. the blood is awesome. the pain is the best part. but why give in the it and give my body what it wants. thats one reason i cut, because my … [more]
  • Family Confessions

    kids are so cute...when they sleep.
    This morning my mom called and woke me up, to ask if my two-year-old nephew was here with my brother becasue my brother wasnt answering his phone and i went to see if he was here and i walked in my brothers room and he was sleeping so i told my mom that my nephew wasnt here and she told me to give the phone to my brother and when i turned on the light i saw my brother and my nephew sleeping. it was so adorale. it truely mad me forget about some of the not so good things in life. =]… [more]
  • blog? oh the joy.

    Posted on: April 24th, 2011 at 6:41PM

    well its been a long day. Ive done alot of thinking today. I think i might tell my mom that i need help. Its really been showing recently that i need help. i have become valnerable, more spacy, more messed up. Im not gonna do it directly. I think im gonna write her a letter and tell her how i cant focuse anymore  and i cant keep hapy thoughts in my head. she needs help too. You cant tell when you look at her. Shes a single parent with 4 kids, works 10 hours 4 days a week, is always in pain. we both have all the symptoms of depression. -loss of sleep -irritable -loss of interest -over eating/loss of apetite -aches and pains -headaches ive also had suicidal thoughts, self mutilation, and a fee… [more]


  • Life is...well...pointless.

    Posted on: July 5th, 2011 at 11:10PM

    i went to my friends house for a fire and to stay the night and we sat around the fire with her mom and her moms boyfriend and talked for awhile after everyone else left. i figured out many things about myself. things like i dont like to be interupted and ignored, i dont like talking to other people about my boyfriend and why he is where he is, i dont like being around adults when talking about my cutting and depression, i dont like when my friends bring their parents into my depression, and others but i dont wanna get into that. then i came home and wanted to get a shower and my mom made me walk to the gas station for her so i had to wait even longer to get my shower. i did eventually get m… [more]


  • Ive Disappointed So Many People, Including Myself...

    Posted on: April 29th, 2011 at 4:20PM

    Im so sorry. I just couldn't control it. Theres no one to blame but myslef. I can't even take my own advice. I have failed my friends. I can't even stand myself right now. I was doing so good. I went 5 days then ****** up. Why am I so stupid?!?!? I can't believe i cut again. I went from 116 cuts to over 200 hundred at least in one night. I feel like a complete failure. I just want to die right now. I don't even know what made me want to do it. It could be becasue my mom and brother sit in the same room as me and make fun of me for being depressed. It could be that my friends hit me everytime they find out about me hurting thats gonna help? It could be that my mom doesnt underst… [more]


  • The things that remind me of you and the silly things you say...

    Posted on: June 8th, 2011 at 1:00AM

    Certain songs "once"-karma "the noose"-a perfect circle        2. The insightful things you say. "dont say what you cant explain" "sobriety=missery" "Those living for death will die by their own hand" "everyone you look up to is just as ****** up as you" "if love leads to suffering...and not loving leads to suffering is it not true that all we do is suffer" "we all needa light at the end of the tunnel..even if the light is dim."        3. the silly things you say "its the prozac" "**** happens" "you know where i live ;)" "that belt" "i can wait a just have to help me" (sex reference) "who would bring up something like who" "he was laying here,… [more]