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Im Pretty Weird. Crazy. Some Even Consider Me To Be Insane. You Can Judge Me If You Want As Long As You Dont Try To Change Me. I AM Pansexual.

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  • 100% American
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Books Breakfast At Tiiffanys, tricks, the pact.
Music I don't like types of music I like songs.
Movies the hangover(first and second), grandmas boy, august rush, freddy got fingered, drop dead fred.
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I Have a Confession

she makes me feel...actually feel. i felt so numb for so long but now i feel. before i couldnt feel my own heart beat, didnt feel pain, couldnt cry, all i wanted to do was just die. but when im... [more]
  • I Think Lyrics Can Say It Better Than Words

    Once By Karma ♥ I love this song. My boyfriend used to sing it all the time. He told me to listen to it one day. I fell inlove with it. Everytime i hear it it makes me think of him. ♥ I love the meaning of the… [more]
  • I Am a Teen With Depression

    I Hate My Depression. I have been depressed for about 5 years and i hate it. I can be happy when I need to be. My friends always ask me whats wrong and i just tell them im tired or not feeling good. Most of them belive me … [more]
  • I Don't Want to Lose Him

    Ive Lost To Many Things In This Life... i dont want to lose my boyfriend too. we have been friends for a year, went to homecoming together, talk everyday, dated once and i lost him then. im back with him now but i feel like i lost him alrea… [more]
  • I Will Not Apologize For Who I Am

    You Cant Change Me... i have created my image the way i want it to be. im not gonna change. i dont want to try to please everyone in this stupid world. i am loud. i am annoying. im short. my hair is messy. im depressed. i … [more]