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About m name is tracy. i am 23 with an amazing man who loves me. loves a crazy i have a family who supports me. i am a strong person even if i cry all night long. i have seen bad things hapen to great people. like myself. i battle fear of rejection, alone, leousy, confusion on a daily ba<x>ses but with my meds it is acually not bad. i love my boyfriend more and more every day because of how strong willed he is. its not easy beiin with me. all my problems are coming together so i understand them and do not act on impalsses that are not supos eto be there.
Last Seen Jan 20, 2011
Member Since Dec 11, 2010
Favorite Quote “its not what you can do for others that should make you happy. its what you can do for yourself”
Horoscope Scorpio
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Books true blood, friday night lights, buffy
Music mostly anytype. my boyfriend is a rapper and is my fav
Local Time August 2nd, 4:35 AM
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