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m name is tracy. i am 23 with an amazing man who loves me. loves a crazy i have a family who supports me. i am a strong person even if i cry all night long. i have seen bad things hapen to great people. like myself. i battle fear of rejection, alone, leousy, confusion on a daily ba<x>ses but with my meds it is acually not bad. i love my boyfriend more and more every day because of how strong willed he is. its not easy beiin with me. all my problems are coming together so i understand them and do not act on impalsses that are not supos eto be there.

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I Have Someone Who Loves Me

Guilt Eats Me Alive When I Think Of Our Past! i was with a man for 2 yrs.  yr and half into it i found work and met someone. i still rememebr the lil  spark i had when i seen him. he made everyone laugh smile was perfect, held doors for ladies... [more]
  • I Have Borderline Personality Disorder

    23 Years Old And Keeping My Head Held High  my name is tracy and i am now 23 and was dignosed with  borderline personailty disorder and bipolor this past january. my story begins really when i was 3. i was dignosed with … [more]
  • I Have Borderline Personality Disorder

    Does Anyone Wonder Why We Care So Much.. Other Than Its My Bff ok i  dont have many people i can call my friends,  i have used and abused them for yrs.  i have one girl who is my love. not that way but she has been there for me since like 9th grade… [more]
  • I Can't Stop Thinking About You

    I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know my boyfriend i dont think understand the meaning of love in my eyes. its like i can taste how it use to be. the smile on that face all day long. i didnt just get the bad parts. i mean i am sticking be… [more]
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    My Loving Man Turned To My Nightmare turning 18 with a hot man who bought m anything i wanted was romantic as hell wante dto plz my dad and mom and  told me everyday he loved me. brought me fresh roses every wk!  3 months into it he th… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    im thinkin....
    is it wrong to want to leave someone because you make them miserable? my boyfriend and i have been through so much and we still love eachother so much. but i just think i am to messed up for him, he says its hard to be with me cause its so hard to talk and i always want to talk. and also says i am always sad and depressed. yes i am alot but i have been so happy the last wk and he doesnt even notice. i feel he has closed himselfoff and doesnt know what to do. so i want to leave him so he can hurt alil while and then move on. i am hurtin him and its killing me... but he wont break up with me cause he knows i am a great person… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    end of 2010 great! start 2011 drunk!!!
    i do not drink most of the time. acually first time drunk in pro 10 months. but i went crazy! started off my boyfriend and i went to a friends for a few hours for the new years. well being there and having so much fun i drank. got trashed by midnight and we left. we went to go get his friend to go back to the house and i was so stupidly drunk my boyfriend said i kept saying i knew wheer this guy lived and yelled at him he was going the wrong way. he was at a diffrent house. we finally got him and then got lost for an hour trying to get home. while trying this man said alot of mean things to me and i was so hurt and mad.... he told me to get out of the car so i did. yea he drove where… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    anger is a curse that never really leaves you
    im 23 was in a abusive realationship 2 yrs. i hit him also. well next man. i hit, i havent with my new man. but i respect him more and am not so crazy.but anyways. i get so much anger when not on meds that i want to punch people hurt people. i dont really want to hurt people/ so i slam my head agisnt wall or i use to cut. i get tempted but never do anymore/ i get so mad and the pressure build tell i explode if i am not on meds. i ball my fists, pull my hair. fall to the ground crying because i just hate myself at the moment. i dont know what to do anymore. my man stays up til 3 am and i cant. i need sleep and i will still wake at 7 am. so we dont talk much. and when we do. we dont want to … [more]
  • Health Confessions

    whats is it with food?
    i love food. always remember eating alot! i use to out eat my father. but the last yr i have found out i am bipolor and borderlin disorder. :( i also have ulcers cics and cancer with adhd in there somewhere. i know these are small problmes compared to other. but i still am hurt. am i anarexic? i love food, but think am fat. but know i need to eat cause i am sick, but while the first bite goes down my stochamch says no more. i have gotten to the point where i just make myself eat! i never throw up! but somehow my weight goes down more. i dont feel anarecic i just knowi pick and chose food cause i am either depresse dand want nothing. dont think i deserve. i like th epain i get in and i co… [more]