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I Believe Everyone Can Be Great

No matter who you are, you can be great in life. The hardest part about being awesome is defining your value. Trying to figure out what makes you passionate about life can be a real... [more]
TrailrunnerMN has shared 2 Mature Experiences
  • I Have Never Been Married and Do Not Have Children

    Looking back at my life, I'm very surprised I never made the "mistake" of getting married and/or having kids too early on in life. I call it a mistake because, for me, it would have been. I know I wou… [more]
  • I Don't Understand Why Some People Are So Cruel to Animals

    As I watched the movie "Earthlings" (narrated by Joaquin Phoenix), I couldn't stop myself from crying. I actually bawled my eyes out. The things people do to animals worldwide is something that just d… [more]
  • I Feel That I Have A Different Mindset

    People all around me are always gossiping about one another, complaining about everything, and talking about the same thing over and over. No one that I know seems to want to talk about creating a bet… [more]
  • I Have Evolved

    When it comes to the human race, we are still primitive. Many people would like to say we are an advanced civilization but we are far from being truly great. I say we are primitive becau… [more]