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I Have a Confession

i constantly feel guilty, even when i know its not my fault. tht im not the problem. tht what the little voice in my head is telling me is not true. how do i make the guilt go away? how does it stop... [more]
  • I Love to Do Random Crazy Things

    Primrose Everdeen So I'm an actress and I have a lot of spontaneous theater friends. We were in a crowded Starbucks and ordered our coffee. I ordered mine with the name "Primrose Everdeen." When they called "Primrose E… [more]
  • I Am Becoming Anorexic

    I'm Unsure I know I'm not anorexic. I do eat, but not all the time. I only really eat a snack after school and dinner. I never eat breakfast except on weekends sometimes, but its not because im trying to lose we… [more]
  • I 'm Unpredictable

    Car Windows Recently I have been very emotional. and hyper. very hyper. while riding in the car, i have developed the tendency to roll down the car window and shout unpredictable things at people...such as "at da… [more]
  • I Love Languages

    Intrigue languages are like magic. my first language was english, and almost every person in my region speaks it. However, I am an actress. I enjoy doing things others find interesting. When in public with fri… [more]