i m a simple person but short tempered knows how people feel as i can listen to all heart. i like to be alone and be happy with who i am and like to travel and like adventure.

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I Wanna Smile See

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  • depressed from my heart

    Posted on: July 18th, 2010 at 2:25AM

    i am depressed from beneath of my heart ,i am not good person,i am lazy,i behave want i am not sometimes,i did bad in my life,i want t change but i m lazy,i want to cry but their no place to cry and shout my hearts feelings,i hate being in this material world but i m in this world.I tried all but i m a failure everytime i tried i am so tired know and sad so much that i want to be killed cause i m even failure to do sucide as i have no courage .I am so tired now i donot do anything i sit on computer or tv and eat . i even hate talking to anyone,share my heart ,i have friends but i always break their heart ruthlessly and then i cry in my heart why i did. I hate world i want to change the world… [more]


  • life is unexpected and dangerous but have to live

    Posted on: July 17th, 2010 at 3:30AM

    I know life is strange,unexpected,sometimes awful u want to end it ,or sometimes just a waste life.But we cannot stop leaving thats true its manytime us who make complicated are sorrowful about our deeds but cannot do anything we have to live it with more power. Even when worlds worst happen donot forgive god as ur only helper. If no strength or courage then too if wrong happens to other stand for right thing. This is we ,we boast,we hate,we dislike,we love,we suffer,we cry, we shout, we do good,we do bad but heart and god knows all never hurt yourself get yourself up again and jump again even if we are losing. God bless us all and be with us...forever.... if u are needing help from me i … [more]