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I Recovered From A Serious Injury

Big Smiles, Things Are Going Well So back in 2007 I was playing football (soccer if you prefer) and I got a really bad injury. For 2-3 years I lived with this injury, I had cracked cartilage and torn ligaments in my knee. When it... [more]
  • I Want to Help People

    If You Could Have Any Superpower? If I could have any supernatural power, at the risk of sounding like the ultimate hippy, I really wish I could just make every single person on the planet happy. Even if it made them less motivated an… [more]
  • I Whats More Important Personal Ethics Or Loyalty To Friends

    Should I Choose My Morals/ Personal Conduct Beliefs Over My Relationship With Some Of My Best Friends Who I've Known Most Of My Life? In particular there's one friend of mine who pushes my ability to remain friends with him. We were in Primary school together and have been friends for a decade. But I went to University for 4 years a… [more]
  • I Better To Do Something And Fail Than Do Nothing At All

    Better To Do Something And Fail Than Do Nothing At All? What do you think? I've heard the expression "if a good person does nothing that's evil enough". True or untrue?… [more]
  • I Coping With Life

    Cleaning Out The Demons Throughout my life, as anyone does, I've come through a fair bit. I'm not overly focused on my past because it's in the past. But one thing that's always plagued me, all throughout my life from my you… [more]