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My name is Ayanna and I am a mother of 3. I come from a big family. I have 1 brother and 5 sisters. My family is on here. My mom is somersaultingipod, my dad is JoggingCarrot, my bro is JACooleo, my sisters are jessepa1, MyLovelyGod, StarlightGodslight, LovingCaringAndPassion, and CalmAndCollective. My EP bros are xXCoolStoryBroXx, MichaelDuMaine, Michael820, and baltazar816. My daughters are on here too. They're eelannathegreat, LadyBugC, and jessepa11. I love sports and I love to draw. My favorite teams are the Milwaukee Bucks, Indiana Pacers, Indianapolis Colts, New England Patriots, New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Boston Red Sox. I am a Christian, Baptist and there isn't anything in the world you can say or do that'll make me stop. I love being a Christian and I do respect other's beliefs. Go Bucks!!! I have multiple disorders. I can't control them, and it's not my fault because I can't control what happened to me at birth. I have Autism, ADD, Dementia, Schizoaffective disorder, Anorexia, and Tourette's disorder. Go Pacers!!! I am very silly A LOT and I am random A LOT. Go Colts!!! I can't handle spicy foods SISSY. I HATE it when people annoy, bother, and/or be rude to my family so I am rude backies if you do. And if you do that to my twin (jessepa1) then you'll NEVER hear the end of me. Go Patriots!!! I may be from Wisconsin but I ABSOLUTELY HATE the Packers. Go Giants!!! I also hate the Brewers. Go Steelers!!! So PLEASE don't talk about how "awesome" they are because they suck. Terribly. They're the worst teams ever. And just because the Packers won 4 Superbowls doesn't mean a thing, they are terrible. Green and yellow = eww. My favorite colors are blue, red, and white. I currently go to Marquette University and I'm working on my doctorate, but I'm thinking about after I graduate, going to Anderson University and get a degree there. I am weird lol. I may be old in age, but my appearance and personality beg to differ. GO RED SOX!!!

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