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I Have Weird Dreams

Freddy Kruger I had Freddy come to my dream once. a few times actually. In one of them I was just in my school. The school was nothing but somehow turned into a insane asylum with cannibal children in classrooms... [more]
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  • I Love Wolves

    Trueshadowwolf Hello my name is cody. In realife (duh) I loved wolves for about 4 years I think. I looove to draw them alot! I know alittle about wolves. I read books about them. I even made a story about a spiritua… [more]
  • I Have Weird Dreams

    My Dreams Are Mysterous. I had a dream once. It was a dream about me. All I was doing is I was in my room. I was just sitting on my bed. Just doing nothing. Then I started to change. I looked at my hands. They becoming claws… [more]
  • I Have Weird Dreams

    The Two Wolves: Love Balanced You might have heard of the cherokee story ” The Two Wolves” but I had a dream about that. in my dream, the bad wolf was a male. The bad wolf is dark wolf. The good wolf is the female. The light… [more]