I finally left my bodyfriend of 2 years(I had to get a restraining order) but he took my cell phone will all my nude photos and videos a guy

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I Was Stalked By Narcissistic And Controlling Guy

I Discovered My Ex Had My Cell Bugged I left my boyfriend over 3 months ago and last friday I noticed a app on my cell that I really didnt notice before. When I google it to my surprise it was for a tracking feture that will allow the... [more]
  • I Always Say "im Fine"

    Sometimes I Forget Who I Am This week end I caught my boyfriend after being released from jail with a woman at his house. It got ulgy but in the end I realized that going there was a mistaken even though he invited me over just… [more]
  • I Am Afraid of Being Alone

    I Am In My 30's And I Am Afraid To Be Alone... I have a fullfilling career, a successful business, a great family and amazing friends and even though I live my life as it today is my last my romantic relationship is not the best. Its been a years … [more]
  • I Am Single

    After A Bad Breakup I Am Scared To Start Dating Again... Its only been 5 month since I left my ex, I have since had a rebound experience that ended because my crazy ex started stalking me. Over the past few week I have met many single men, most younger tha… [more]
  • I Left My Boyfriend

    My Boyfriend Got Locked Up A Month Ago.. and lat Friday he got out. I just realized why he was locked up, he had been seeing his ex the entire time we were together, omg I am so hurt. I am extremely sad, I am sitting at my desk at work about… [more]