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Quiet bloke who has gained much insight and knowledge from this site.
I am who I am and don't give a shit if people like it or not. I comment when I feel the need and don't mind the comments back. I am openly gay and if you find that a problem, it's your problem not mine. It is how I was born no matter what people say. If I had a choice like many think, then why would I choose a life of ridicule (check the age) etc. Did you choose to be straight is what I ask.

I am open and as said in the beginning a quiet bloke. Take people as they are and though I may comment, it is my opinion only and may not be to your liking or understanding.
Enjoy my stories, enjoy or not my comments.

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I Am Who I Am, Your Approval Is Not Needed

Oh So True Why should I ever seek approval. I am the creation of myself. I have made my decisions in life, I make the decisions on my political incorrectness, my rudeness when I wish, how I live my life and... [more]
tsv01 has shared 2 Mature Experiences
  • I Survived My Suicide Attempt

    Got Through It Several Times I am writing this after reading a story by johnnywillsave and it made me think of the times that I have attempted suicide. I lost my mate when I was 15 who shot himself and unfortunately, I was the la… [more]
  • I Starting Over After Divorce

    A New Beginning Back in 1985 I married the most wonderful woman. We had met through a┬ácouncilling┬áservice and I was the councillor. Surprisingly we hit it off straight away and we both discussed our past and our in… [more]
  • I Was Robbed

    Held Up By 16yo I was staying with some friends in Long Beach California back in the late 80's as a visitor from Australia and decided one day to go off for a walk. Unfortunately I walked the wrong area. As I was wal… [more]
  • I Met a Celebrity

    Worked In The Right Spot when I was younger I worked for several entertainment venues as was lucky many times to meet many celebrities, actual got to speak to them not just see them at a distance. This was a long time ago so… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Missed chance
    Back in 1989 when visiting US I was staying with a mate in Long Beach and he had a marine mate over and we both were sleeping on the couch and he surprised me by moving his foot around my crotch and I returned the favour.  Sadly we were disturb by my mate's wife and never got to finish what we started.  Never got to see him again as I suspect they knew something was going on and he was gone pretty quickly.  Just wish I had been quicker to find out where in San Deigo he was though I knew the ship he had been on did not know his new posting.  After 23 years I have never forgotten.  … [more]
  • Time for change

    Posted on: July 13th, 2013 at 11:44PM

    Today I felt the need to change my experience list.  I found that all the quizzes were a waste for me.  Many of the times they did not reflect me correctly though some got it right.  But I felt they were just too trivial, I know what I am emotionally, sexually, career, relationships, empathy etc etc etc.Time to look for more experience groups that reflect my opinions, stories or life better.… [more]