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How can i honestly describe myself? I trip over myself whenever i try. I'm troll and counsel. I'm many people, depending on where I am and who I'm with. Online I am less sociable than I am in person. I'm a philosopher recovering through writing. I'm a man who is beginning to accept the world as it is. I've only just begun to grasp reality, and to believe the things I've always known. Converting vision into action is the great problem of my life, and of my present moment in particular. Which is perhaps why I'm still here on EP.

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Vices Preaching, philosophy, confession, computer games, pornography, marijuana.
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Books It changes over time - but i rarely read shallow books
Music Music is magic. I enjoy most genres.
Movies no single one - i\'m arthouse i suppose but i don\'t automatically hate Hollywood or anything
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I Have a Confession

...I am over-analytical and emotionally naive in many ways. I attack atheists as a way of attacking the God-complex in myself. I may have found God but I still can't surrender my pride. When I first... [more]
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    I Realized God Over A Year Ago And My Life Is Still Recovering I don't blame God for that though. I don't even truly know what God is. I just know God is real and I'm still working out what it means for me. Atheists and fundamentalists have since… [more]