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An older male who prefers dressing up to looking sloppy any time and who loves Black Tie Dress

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I Love Wearing Suit and Tie Everywhere

The Salesperson Gave Me A Shock! I might be bound for jury duty. Figuring that it might be a better thing than not to get a new suit for wear during the two weeks (along with my JC Penny Stafford suit), I started shopping at some of... [more]
  • I Love Wearing Suit and Tie Everywhere

    I Prefer Formal Wear It probably started when I was six and had to dress up for church. I kind of suspect that I always liked the look of a bow tie and suit and secretly wished to wear the look more often than just to chu… [more]
  • I Wear Bow Ties

    I Love Bow Ties And Wouldn't Dare Wear A Long Tie If you have read my "Prefer Tuxedo" story then you know how this dressing up all started for me. The bow tie is central to all of my dress wear and I find them far easier to wear than… [more]
  • I Love Fashion

    The Proper Tuxedo Goes Far I have written already in some stories about why I started wearing tuxedos and why I prefer dress clothing. But still many men (and women who dare to) have no idea what constitutes a proper tuxedo so … [more]
  • I Schools Too Stubborn To Update Their Dress Codes

    Dress Codes Are A Good Thing Despite What Students Say I firmly believe that schools nationwide need to impose dress codes for their students and this applies to public schools in many respects. This morning on NPR I heard a BBC story that related how a c… [more]