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I Love Someone Who Doesn't Love Me

A Letter To Genuis Boy I am writing this online because I do not know how to say it to you. I have tried to say this since I got here. You know our story. We have talked about our story many times over the last 14 years. We... [more]
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  • I Miss My Ex-girlfriend

    One Last Kiss Or One More First? My ex and i broke up. Long story short, it was a bad break up. We said that we would stay friends... I told her that I was still in love with her. She said that she did not feel the same. Then, last … [more]
  • I Was Prostituted Agaisnt My Will

    Child Prostitute Loses Self And Loved Ones As a child, my mom gave me to her boyfriends ... to have sex with me... and I don't even remember it all... and I don't want to. I was a child prostitute, even though I don't know if she got paid for … [more]
  • I Was Molested and Raped

    Did He Or Didn't He? When I was young, I was molested...  when I was older, I was raped, but not by the men who molested me as a child... by another set of people altogether... my cousin and my uncle... I think I have, f… [more]
  • I Am a Satanist

    Misrepresentation... I am a Satanist. Not a Devil worshipper. There is a big difference. As it states in Christian mythology, Satan was the angel Lucifer. Lucifer was the most beautiful of angels with the most beautiful v… [more]