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I Cant Believe EP Goatropes You Into The First Word

Doom fills my room. Despair floats throughout the air. Agony as far as I can see. Misery is all I get for me. Loneliness is my nest. Darkness falls around me from my... [more]
  • I Found My Heart Beat

    Her name is PoetryNEmotion; her game does not need potion. with her words she can stop your heart, better than nerds, with a surgical dart. Her beauty flows from within to with… [more]
  • I Don't Want To Start With 'i'

    I want to start with THEY! HOW dare EP limit me? They bully me by making me take the first word, So my statment has to be fake in order to be heard! They met each other … [more]
  • I Wanted Jello

    So, I got up and decided to walk to a nearby grocery store. I got there to find out from the cashier that the last time I was in she forgot to finish the transaction, and she had to pay for my grocer… [more]
  • I Cried Like A Baby

    Several years ago I was in Iraq. My work schedule was 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, two non-consecutive days off. On my time off there was nothing to do--and I mean nothing. I took up playing an o… [more]