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I Imagine My Future

Well not really my future, but as i was listening to music my future came to mind. I was imagining one thing in particular, my wedding planning. I mean right now; things aren't the best in my life... [more]
  • I Confess

    Should I Confess To My Mom? Should I confess and tell her everything? How I have cut for five years and had been bullied for six, how these six years in the united states has changed me how much I hate myself how I am a lesbian … [more]
  • I Hide My Pain By Smiling

    I Want To Be Honest To Myself And Others For some odd reason i always hide my pain by smiling, fisicall or emotional . Its like im afraid of something but don't know what mabey its the fact that im actully weak so i act strong. if im sad up… [more]
  • I Am A Teenager Lesbian

    I Can'T Stand It Much Longer! I need an exit from this house but unfortunate I am stuck until I am 18. But i'm so tired of getting mad at my mother every single day, its not because I hate her or anything its just those five lines… [more]
  • I Self-harm

    Ovo Well I used too I haven't done it in 6 months but i'm seriously thinking of starting again I just can't take it anymore my darkness is over powering me I'm starring too love the darkness because I fee… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    Do I really want to do this?!
    Nov 20, 2012 I have self harmed since I was in middle school. Maybe it was bullies maybe it was depression: I have though about ending it all, all this pain and lonly feelings. I can't stand being alone, but don't show it some how I'm accustomed to the the darknes and love the corners, but yesterday ; yesterday was different yesterday night at exactly 11:20pm I felt sad, and lonly and that didn't do abby good with with something sharp in thaw retook ( a object knife) it was such clean cuts since it was a new knife. Blood was coming from my rust . I enjoyed it, it eased my pain ; but nothing unusual, I cleaned the blood since the the bed sheets were white and I could stain it and something wo… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Its just another confession;
    I'm in love but feel alone, i'm in pain but im ok. I am a difficult parson persn to get to know( i'm really bad at making new friends and strugle too tell secrects to even old ones) . Life has its ups and downs its never gonna be just one or the other we have sertten situations were we have too chose in one or another but we still tend to fail on getting the right choise. We love and are/can be loved by many others but will it really matter the number who do? I bet it just matters on one person... Just one can change our ways of living hopefully for the better , that one person that could make u a better person when u are with them without even notecing . Just that one person who can cherige… [more]