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I Imagine My Future

Well not really my future, but as i was listening to music my future came to mind. I was imagining one thing in particular, my wedding planning. I mean right now; things aren't the best in my life... [more]
  • I Confess

    Should I Confess To My Mom? Should I confess and tell her everything? How I have cut for five years and had been bullied for six, how these six years in the united states has changed me how much I hate myself how I am a lesbian … [more]
  • I Hide My Pain By Smiling

    I Want To Be Honest To Myself And Others For some odd reason i always hide my pain by smiling, fisicall or emotional . Its like im afraid of something but don't know what mabey its the fact that im actully weak so i act strong. if im sad up… [more]
  • I Am A Teenager Lesbian

    I Can'T Stand It Much Longer! I need an exit from this house but unfortunate I am stuck until I am 18. But i'm so tired of getting mad at my mother every single day, its not because I hate her or anything its just those five lines… [more]
  • I Self-harm

    Ovo Well I used too I haven't done it in 6 months but i'm seriously thinking of starting again I just can't take it anymore my darkness is over powering me I'm starring too love the darkness because I fee… [more]