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I Wrote a Poem

Elysian Fields It is but the wish of coming home, What ever was home never existed in this Elysian fields of mine, So that bliss of floating down the river was the feeling of home, You were my pass... [more]
  • I Write Poetry

    Come Tomorrow Life Was Nothing But A Dream Forever a never ending cycle living for death walking on brittle crystal, like ice, Every step treacherous unsure and so cold your heat barely suffice, for life, Is nothing more than the b… [more]
  • I Love Being In the Woods

    Serenity Remember the rustle of the wind caressing the t rees making them sigh in delight. Watch the leaves dance a rythmn to every sigh then hear the birds croon a simplistic laugh lost in the wind to far awa… [more]
  • I Forever On The Run

    Fleeting Wishes I realized no matter how much i want to have in the end i dont need it. Living in this country has made me want more than i need and this awareness of money this constant cringing when worth of someth… [more]
  • I Forever On The Run

    Beautiful I question that adjective. What do you 'beautiful' mean? How do i know what is beautiful? COuld it be perhaps the most unappealing sights? Or perhaps the ones that make me feel good? They say I am bea… [more]