Female , 16-17
Feeling calm
bad decisions and ruined choices

I'm not even sure what I'm doing on this, since, Hell, I have school.
Yes, my situation makes me feel sick, but all I can say is that, if it's what you want, i'll do whatever I can to make you smile.

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Favorite Quote I ... toyed with the idea of going to find another war where I could at least feel alive. I was so numb that it took terror to make me feel anything.
  • a little English
Politics Liberal
Horoscope Gemini
Special day
Books Fiction, that's good enough for me to lose myself in.
Music Anything with a soul....rock, usually.
Movies I try to steer away from sobering films, but I love them
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I Have a Confession

PUNCH SOMETHINGLet me feel the painHit meSlap mePunch me right in the gutI don't carelet me feel itthe hatred running through youpumps in my blood [more]
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    I Don't Know Where Mine Went. I don't know what the word family really means, I know what it would say in the dictionary, but I mean the feeling. That feeling that I'm sure is so important. So damn important but … [more]
  • I Wish Someone Would Kill Me Now

    Please. I'm not going to say this is always the case....but, then again, I think if I died now. Right now. I wouldn't care. Then again, I have not cared, about anything and everything for some would say… [more]
  • I Protest Starving a Dog In the Name of Art

    I..this...ugh. This is gross. And wrong and so many other thousands of words which are rapidly filling my head now, all I can think is humans really do go as low as dirt no matter how unprecedented their 'reason' is… [more]