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I Have A Girlfriend Who Cheated On Me

So My Girlfriend Cheated On Me The Other Day... So my girlfriend cheated on me the other night when she was supposed to be at her mom's. She just told me that so she could go off somewhere and "have fun" as she put it. She swore up and down that... [more]
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  • I Am Confused About My Relationship

    I Attract Insecure Girls. i have a lot of problems with jealousy--from the chick's side. I'm not a liar and i'm not a cheater. i'm honest to a fault and have an obsession about trying to do the right thing but for some reaso… [more]
  • I Am More Intelligent Than I Let On

    I Always Act Dumberer Than I Am. It's the only way to seem amiable in some (most?) situations. I mean--you've got your everyday, average people with nothing better to do than cluck about supramundane bullshit, the pseudo-intellectua… [more]
  • I Am Sad and Lonely

    I'm A Babbling Mess Again. Hullo there my friend. First of all, I miss you something awful :( Sometimes it just really feels like I'm all alone, ya know? Alone inside my head. Like I'm a little person in there… [more]
  • I Need Someone to Talk to

    This Has All Got To Be A Cosmic Joke I just wonder who's benefiting from the hilarity. Where'd everyone go that I thought was going to be around when I needed them? Seems like people "care" whenever it's convenient for th… [more]