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  • Offtopic Confessions

    I have anger issues
    I get mad at everything even when people run into me I am ready to fight someone.I love to get in bloody fight with people who pick on me even though we both are blinded by our blood.Reds the only color I see.My parents think I need anger management but I don't feel like wasting my time on something stupid. … [more]
  • Family Confessions

    I HATE when people tell me Happy Thanksgiving or even Happy Birthday.It's not so great.I really hate the happy part of it.If it was so happy I could get my whole family together.Sad part is when someone dies or is in the hospital they still never come together.I'm on my own for Christmas this year because my family is going somewhere else and it's crushing me inside.I still put a smile on my face and try not to cry.… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    I cut myself
    I cut myself and i'm ashamed of it but I love cutting but I hate when people judge me it makes me cut deeper.I love to wrist cut.I love the way it bleeds I love the pain.When I touch it the feeling of the wound it makes me feel at ease.I love the way people get scared when they see my wrist bloody it's kinda funny.I say I fell but we all know what happened.They see the razor blade hidden in my bible.Freaks them out.You can call me weird,crazy or insane but inside i'm just an emotional person.I have emotional problems I can't say I love you.I can't hug people I care about it's just so hard.I wish I had a really good friend to help me but i'm only dreaming I guess. (XXX)… [more]