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I Have a Confession

I have hardly any friends or people who talk to me and i dont understand why .....why are people so mean to me, just me, no one else ;'( [more]
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  • I Wet My Pants

    Scared Cause I'm bullied daily my life is a nightmare. I'm 13 still and I'm already feeling like life's worthless. But one day this week I was walking home from school and I'm **** scared of heights. I can b… [more]
  • I Was Bullied

    I Am !! I do get bullied now. I'm 13 and in secondary school (England) and these Kids bully me. I'm about 1/2 a foot or a foot shorter than most people in my class so I can't really do anything about it. I go… [more]
  • I Moved a Lot As a Kid

    Different Countries Age 0-3 I was in holland Age 3-4I moved to Germany Age 4-7to Switzerland 7-10 back to Holland 10-present (13) in England I've moved aroun… [more]
  • I Feel Alone

    I Am Soo Alone I Don't Know What To Do At school I'm bullied and not many people talk to me At home my parents act like I'm not there sometimes. I just want someone who I can talk to and be happy with because at the mom… [more]