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I Have Never Met You But I Care

One Person At A Time, One School At A Time, One Friend At A Time.... I wonder if Mother Teresa also had this thought before she left Albania.... or that Greg Mortenson on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan, thinking about opening new schools so more children may... [more]
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  • I Like Kokology

    What Am I? I was searching of how ocean was related to sex, regarding my story in the group of I Love Ocean... and i remember Kokology, which can reveal our unconscious self.. i haven't found one oc… [more]
  • I Wonder

    Miscommunication If people can read other's mind, will it be easier for people to communicate themselves then?? At second thought, I also wonder if we don't need language to understand each other, will we be in harmon… [more]
  • I Believe In God

    John Goddard Life List Two weeks ago, I got a bad encounter with a group of pickpocketters in a public transportation. There were at least two of them, sitting separated. One of them started to be what was like vomitti… [more]
  • I Love You

    To The One I Love: When You Can't Write I was after my parents in terms of worrying. It seems that I can worry too much, according to others peope. I am worry now, but don't lose hope, I love you and believe that anythin… [more]

    Posted on: February 1st, 2011 at 9:06AM

    This is for you my love, a simple note on my blog started again today in your absence... How many times people tell you how you are beautiful inside and outside.... Hope you still take this one from me too: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL... also in your painful moments...  i want to pour you with my love, kissing your beautiful mind and  heart, becoming one within your soul.... You are just beautiful.... i am in awe, staring at you from this far.... but as someone's reminder, you are here in my heart, and as you wished before, in my essence of being.... I wish my soul hugs your sould tonite and always....... Updated, February 2, 2011, 26 hours after our last chat: I miss you my lovely man... wish i could… [more]


  • H

    Posted on: April 23rd, 2010 at 1:15AM

    We are two sides of the coin: But I love him I can live by myself But he put so much meaning I've been on rollercoasters He's been on rollercoasters We met after the rollercoasters We get through our rollercoasters He's the shape of my dreams Think I'm the door for his past If time was a box I like to be there as long as We are one coin with its typical two sides :)… [more]


  • Love is...

    Posted on: May 17th, 2010 at 9:11PM

    What is love? i am bad in supplying a thorough definition, but these days i've learnt one new thing: to love is to stay and give my best! plus: watch my feelings real carefully, they go wild some of times :) [edited: Tuesday, June 2, 2010] When u were young, u would think love was something as simple saying i love you, and then stick to it with the feelings unchanged. But later in life, i read the book about some mystics talking about darkness surrounding them before they would meet God, see God, experience God, once again after all those in the beginning that had seemed so simple and easy. By that darkness, they would feel cold, left unknown about anything anymore except their lo… [more]


  • Experience EP

    Posted on: April 20th, 2010 at 4:25AM

    I love it here: can read, can write, ask questions, answer questions, comment, scribble. Know others, open myself. World is so wide yet so small. I pray that everybody here find at least something amusing if not inspiring. … [more]