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I didn't hide my gender? What the fack is going on here!?

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I Don't Care Much For Money

when I have a bunch of money I would do nice things that makes someone's day a little better. Homeless guy a coffee and a sandwich, a waitress a good tip for their efforts,( if I see it... [more]
  • I My Opinion On Prostitution

    Sometimes, in the morning when I go to work. I see a young woman standing at the corner of my street with just spandex on and a thin sweater. No matter the temperature. I gaze upon her and think about… [more]
  • I Know There Is a God

    I'm not super crazy religious, I smoke, drink and curse. I don't read the bible a lot and I question my life to God. So I'm not exactly following my practices. I do know there is a God though.. … [more]
  • I Wonder What's Wrong With Me

    I'm a good person, I know that. But everyone in my life treats me like crap. I get used by girls who I like. I get crushed when someone says your a brother. Then either stop talking or just plain be a… [more]
  • I Want To Write Sci-fi

    This story I called "Nemisis" Stories about average people gaining super natural powers that alter their lives and the world around them. Not super hero stories.. A crazy guy … [more]