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I Love Having My Hair Played With

i know it doesnt look like i go to the hairdressers very often but its actually one of my favourite things to do. I love it when they shampoo and massage your scalp, its one of my favourite feelings... [more]
UnderTheBodhiTree has shared 3 Mature Experiences
  • I Am Celibate

    I am so sick of people telling me I am pretty and there is no need for me to be single. MY singledom is my choice, just like your dead end relationships are your choice. I am celibate because I got si… [more]
  • I 'd Rather Get To Know You Than Small Talk

    small talk gets on my nerves, i want to know the deep stuff, i want to know what keeps you awake at night and what makes you get up in the morning. I want to know your hopes dreams and aspirations… [more]
  • I Really Want to Kiss a Girl

    So like I have never done that, i was raised really strictly and homosexuality is really frowned on in my family but actually I do think girls are pretty and soft and ...well just different. I would j… [more]
  • I 'll Be Nicer When Your Smarter

    So i get called a ***** a lot, but i dont feel like I am being bitchy, i feel like people have already made up their minds about me when they meet me and so they are on the defensive, so when I am jus… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Im a wanderer
    My mind wanders, all the time, I cant focus on a thought for more than a few moments, I cant concentrate, I think about the past the present and the future, I think about alternate realities I think about different beginnings and magnanimous endings, I think about laughter and sadness, i think about pain and heaven. I think about you, I think about him, I think about everyone I am ever likely to meet and I wonder, I wander in and out of wonder. the world is wonderful because all you can do is wonder. … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    new me
    time to get  back on the horse and back into the real world. been fighting myself for so long and now I feel good again. im going to show you all what success is … [more]