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I Hate My Birthday

7th Of Sept Friday is my bday this year and all I do is feel numb. I feel I dont deserve it, have been berated for months and then all of the sudden, Im year old, lets do something special! Ugh why bother... [more]
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  • I Like Black Girls

    Like Them Love Them So Much o.o Very much, black girls just get me so much! It's almost irrational on why just the sex appeal goes off the scale in my mind. So very much, at times I have strange daydreams of if I was one. … [more]
  • I Have Come to a Terrible Conclusion Regarding Pokemon

    Ash's Father May sound crazy, but I am sure of it that Ash Ketchum's father is not Giovanni from Team Rocket, not dead, not Lance or Professor Oak. Ash's father is Mr. Mime. Yes, his mother is always with that Mr.… [more]
  • I Love Long Sensual French Kissing

    Is My New Drug @_@ I don't know why, when someone comes over to me kisses me than sticks their tongue down my throat I am in fantasy land. Even a short couple minutes is mind blowing for me. I don't know why! It's l… [more]
  • I Want To Have Sex With A Black Woman

    Just Want A Lil Brown Sugar I don't know why I obsess over it. I very much want it a lot. Black girls are Awesome!! My black girl friends are Awesome!! Why can't it happen?! Just feel it's so close to it, yet it won't ever happe… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    My Life is a Loss
    I feel horrible. I am delusional. I keep coming back to that dream of leaving my life as a man and be a woman instead but it's impossible. I have hardly any future and transitioning would just make everything worst. I'm at a low point now. Nothing will be better for me because if I get closer to being female it will be like Icarus going toward the sun, all I'd do is burn and make everything worse for me and my situation. My parents are ashamed already, feeling sorry for not being able to succeed even in a normal sense, and becoming TG would break the connection completely and I'd be ostracized completely. And My friends? What friends? I hate myself. I hate what I try to be, but I can't be no… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Virtual Suicide
    Ever have that moment where you go all the way to the section of whatever website to "delete account" and suddenly your mouse becomes like a trigger to a gun you are about to pull on yourself? Yes I know you can make a new account by next week but it's different, what you have done on this one account you have used for a while has its own impact and legacy in a way. But at times maybe it is best to give it a rest. It's annoying when you just can't get over it and delete an account. Sometimes you just need to give it up and get on with your life than hang around and sulk on what you have done. But I just Can Not Do It!!… [more]
  • Name Change?

    Posted on: May 22nd, 2011 at 11:57PM

    I'm thinking about changing my name on here O_OSome...Other cute girly name....but i don't know right now. … [more]