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I love eating, reading, watching TV, I like to play, have fun, and more(etc.)...
I especially love eating and gaining weight!!

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I Just Put On Jeans That Tight Now,growing Fatter

A Pair I have this pair of shorts, not really long jeans. But just some shorts. When it was bought, around two summer ago, it wasn't tight at all. I could actually still put one my hands in it together with... [more]
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  • I Love Being Fat

    Being fat is awesome, I love it! I am fat, very fat. Not as in really super, I am just overweight by 1-30 pounds. My stats: I am 150-160lbs or something more or less like that. I broke the weighing scale in our house when I was jumpi… [more]
  • I Love Holiday Weight Gain

    The Usual Every Holiday Every holiday I usually gain some pounds because of the huge table of food, like the Christmas dinner, festivals and others and the non holiday, my birthday. Especially during Christmas, the biggest w… [more]
  • I Imagine A World Where Everyone Is Extremely Fat

    A Fat World I imagine a world where everyone is fat. And gym trainers are also fat and will never  go back to being fit again. And all the thin people will go to weight gain camps and are forced to gain weight… [more]
  • I Want A Country Where Everyone Needs To Be Fat

    A New Country I would always imagine that kind of place. In that new country, everyone needs to be extremely fat, at least obese. And the new comers would be forced to become obese so with the old members of the na… [more]