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i am 17, male, i will unite the world.

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I Have a Confession

i fear spiders, snakes, the dark, bees, and fear its self. But in saying this i will not let fear control my life. I will not hide from what i fear instead i will try to embrace it as who i am [more]
  • I Will Share How I Got Over My Depression

    How I Got Over My Depression i got over my depression by watching really heart filling tv shows. i learned that you must never give up on life. … [more]
  • I Will Never Give Up

    I Will Never Give Up Even when I am tired and hurt I still will not give up. I will fight until I win… [more]
  • I Will Unite The World

    World Peace Is Possible people may say that world peace is impossible, so to them i say ha i laugh when i hear this. I say that if you have strong determination, and the will to never quit you can make anything reality… [more]
  • I Will Achieve My Goals One Small Step At A Time

    I Will Achieve My Goals i will achieve my goals where they be to fly, sky dive, bungee jump, or fly a rocket to mars, scientist say that many thing are impossible just like how they have said that flying was impossible… [more]
  • depression advice

    Posted on: January 2nd, 2012 at 6:05PM

    If you are reading this you probably feel sad, depressed, confused, and other things. So i am going to try to help you out with that or at least try to. I once was like you sad, hurt, confused on what to do, depressed. I felt alone and was starting to think bad thoughts. But i wanted to still try to find something to live for. i found some old TV shows that i used to watch when I was younger and they installed hope, joy, determination, guts, and the will to never give up. from these shows I felt as if i was a part of them. it showed me happiness, now you may think that these may just be TV shows but to me they are real. There will to never give up on there dreams, the happy times 0they all e… [more]


  • advice

    Posted on: January 2nd, 2012 at 6:00PM

    never give up on anything you do ever. i got this from tv i do not own this saying… [more]


  • advice

    Posted on: January 2nd, 2012 at 6:01PM

    always fight for your dreams no matter what others say btw i dont own this i heard if from tv… [more]