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i am 17, male, i will unite the world.

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  • a little Italian
  • and a little Scots-Irish
  • and a little Indian
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I Have a Confession

i fear spiders, snakes, the dark, bees, and fear its self. But in saying this i will not let fear control my life. I will not hide from what i fear instead i will try to embrace it as who i am [more]
  • I Will Share How I Got Over My Depression

    How I Got Over My Depression i got over my depression by watching really heart filling tv shows. i learned that you must never give up on life. … [more]
  • I Will Never Give Up

    I Will Never Give Up Even when I am tired and hurt I still will not give up. I will fight until I win… [more]
  • I Will Unite The World

    World Peace Is Possible people may say that world peace is impossible, so to them i say ha i laugh when i hear this. I say that if you have strong determination, and the will to never quit you can make anything reality… [more]
  • I Will Achieve My Goals One Small Step At A Time

    I Will Achieve My Goals i will achieve my goals where they be to fly, sky dive, bungee jump, or fly a rocket to mars, scientist say that many thing are impossible just like how they have said that flying was impossible… [more]