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I Am Against Animal Cruelty

I went to SeaWorld San Diego recently, and then shortly after I saw the documentary Blackfish. The things that SeaWorld does to their killer whales and dolphins is horrendous. If you have not seen the... [more]
  • I Am a Teenage Girl

    And I Don't Know What I Should Be Doing. There are some people my age who are going out to parties every night, drinking, having sex, etc. But there are other people who are incredibly smart, and are obsessing over grades and getting into go… [more]
  • I 'd Rather Stay Home Alone Than Going Out

    My Favorite Thing Is Being Cuddled Up In My Blankets With A Good Book. I'd much rather do that at night than go out to a party or to watch a movie. I have a lot of anxiety, so even going somewhere with my closest friend is intimidating. Going out takes so much effort, yo… [more]
  • I Want a Lover Who Is Also My Best Friend

    Wouldn't That Be Cool? Like, just having someone for you that is someone you trust wholeheartedly. I saw this post on instagram that said..."work on building friendships, not love. Then maybe you will marry your best friend… [more]
  • I Just Got a Bad Haircut

    I Used To Have Waist Length Hair like you see in my profile picture. But one day I was feeling adventurous and decided to cut it too my shoulders. I regret it...and I feel super self conscious about it. It will take years to grow bac… [more]