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there's some people that are used to me and there's some that look at me like I'm crazy cause of who I am but please just take me as I am!

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I Hate Being Alone

I Just Want To Be Happy And Not Alone Things just isn't going well for, sometimes I just want to have a happier life with someone who actually cares and can promise me that I'll never have to be lonely again what's the point. no one... [more]
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  • I Im Still Heartbroken

    After A Whole Year I'm Still Hurt So it's been almost a year since my ex dumped, it's hard now because recently this week was the week that I've asked her to be my girlfriend. this week I saw all the places that we used to go in fact … [more]
  • I Want to Get Out of Here

    I Want To Get The Hell Out Of Here So I live in fayetteville so you can obviously understand this story. I am at the end of my freaking rope I'm 21 years old so I have a hard time struggling I have a hard time trying to find a decent j… [more]
  • I Am Tired of Being Alone

    I Hate Being Alone But It Feels Like You Don't Got A Chance With People. sometimes it really sucks being alone, sometimes even when you don't have a choice it's almost like when everything against you. try to establish contact with someone hope for the best that it all wor… [more]
  • I Want People to Accept Me For Me

    It Gets Pretty Hard To Be Normal Sometimes This is my first time writing on experience project but let me tell when I first came here I've read a lot of stories in different areas and alot of the stories really touched me and made me really sa… [more]