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Not good with the "about me". Dont really like describing myself.

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I Am Lonely

What If It Isn'T Meant To Be... I can't stop trying... I can't let go of what was made in these past 2 years. We are not young anymore. I made my mistake of letting something so precious, waste away. I want to go back and fix it all... [more]
  • I Wish I Could Let Go

    Ive Lost Basically i fell in love in less than a month... And to be honest, it had to be the best month of my life. She motivated me to move my *** from this computer that i sat on playing games 17 hours strai… [more]
  • I Cant Change the Past But I Can Change My Future

    Time To Say Good-bye 2 years my relationship remained. Unaltered with everything thrown at what was strong. But through my immaturity, i broke the bond. Not knowing that it could only take me and me along to shatter the p… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    You... You are a beautiful person. Why do you let people treat and talk to you like your not? Everytime i touch or look at you, you talk as though you hate yourself? Please... Just stop and think for a second on how this is effecting you. Your to a point where you just hide behind makeup and hair, not loving your true self at all. Right now, the only way i can help you is to tell you each and everytime how beautiful you are. But you have to take the initiative to compliment yourself as well. Each time i look into those sad eyes, i want to cry cause i cant do the things i plan on doing with you to make you feel even more beautiful. But please... Stop and look in the mirror and see yourself an… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Show me once more...
    Hello again... Ive known you for so long and i watch you glow and become shaded with misery for a very long time. I was there for several years... Or around i should say. My love for you... Never hidden but never expressed... Which is why im always behind when it comes to you. Ive lost several chances to be with you because i was afraid of throwing our friendship away for it... But you tell me how you really feel me when its too late. But those words never leave me... " I wish it was you instead of him". Only thing i could do was smile because i finally know that you had something for me... And i wish we could be that unbreakable item. I could only hope one day... You can show me the path th… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    Too far...
    I look at you. And all i see is sadness in your eyes. Your relationship is in chaos. The guy you love so much continues to push you away day by day. You try staying by trying to make it work or trying to let him go... But in the end, your pouring your tears out when you try holding them back. This emotional rollercoaster has gone on for too long darling. Yes, i understand that everyone wants to be loved... But this isnt love anymore. What you guys had was once beautiful im sure, but its putting you through so much mental pain that its just heart breaking now. I understand someone just cant move on just like that, but you really have to try. For once i would like for you to truly smile... Not… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Lingering on...
    Why... Why do i hold on to you like something is bound to happen. Your like a drug that never leaves my side, but you are gone anyway. I make it like you will never leave this place, but you said yourself that your leaving soon... But why do i still desire to bleed for you knowing all of this? Why do my hopes and dreams linger on to something thats not going to happen? Its like im being quite selfish at this point. I want to feel your love so bad that no matter what obstacles come my way, no matter how blinded the path to your heart is... I just want to be with you. Even when your gone, i will look to the sky with the cigarette upon my lips and think of you through the passing day... I love… [more]