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    my friend and me oh no
    i ev got bulima and i cut but i found out that my friend cuts and has a diffrnt eating disorder but me and her only know about each other secret but what should we do… [more]
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    cutting hard to stop and being bulimic is to
    well i make my self sick to lose weight (bulimia) and i somtimes cut myself and i need to get this of chest and i cut myself last night and still make myself sick… [more]
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    cutting and sick
    i make myself sick and cut myself plz give me a phone number but an english 1… [more]
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    i cut myself and make myself sick and my friend s thinking i lying
    i feel like crap and i make myself sick but i cant stop its been going on for a while it stoped then came back and the stress i cut myself somtimes only somtimes and i dont know what it is i mean what is this thing called please help i dont know what to do if i tell my fam they will just look at me and think what have i given birth to i just no it my mum and dad split up when i was little my grandad said was becoz of me but he left when i was born not my brother maybe it was me but i always thinking was it me and now my mums got a new boyfriend and i think he llikes my brother more then me i dont know why and i feel like not waking up in the morning plz help… [more]