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I Love My Teacher

My Confession I won't say I'm in love - because I'm not. And I won't say I miss you - because I don't. All I'll say is sometimes - only somtimes - I dream of you. I dream that you're still here... [more]
  • I Love My Teacher

    Just Want Just want to see you smile one last time – that genuine smile you gave when I walked into a room or raised my hand – that one smile just for me. Just want to take one last look at you… [more]
  • I Love My Teacher

    A Recollection I can remember my first day of class - when I was scared of you and your sarcasm and your intelligence and your eyes. I can remember the first time I read one of my answers aloud - the way you stared … [more]
  • I Love My Teacher

    This Time I Mean It I finally saw him - and not just in my dreams or stupid memories or class comas. But just because it wasn't a dream, it doesn't mean it didn't feel like one. It was a Thursday, just an ordinary … [more]
  • I Love My Teacher

    Unforgotten History Those eyes. How can I be blamed when you have those eyes? They look right through me like you can read my every damn thought. Mention your fiance and my heart rips apart. But I don’t let my smile fa… [more]