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“Not much to say really besides I live in...FL, and am happily married to the man of my dreams ~¢¾Eyes To See¢¾ I thank God everyday for blessing me with him as well as my wonderful family! :) I really enjoy taking photos of things I love like animals, nature, and beautiful old and abandoned places or things. I've been taking pictures for a while but have recently taken an interest in trying to actually become a bit more decent at it. ;) I'm still learning all the time. :) I'm a tea drinker. For me there's nothing better than a good cup of green tea in the morning or two. I'm a light sleeper. I wish I could sleep better.... then I could use my time awake doing more useful things. I don't smoke, and only drink in company (I had a phase though when I drank half a glas red wine each evening, for the health....) I easily get underestimated and other times overestimated by people. I love good movies. A great cinematography and use of music for me can compensate a lacking story. But if the story is great or maybe even has a great message involved, the style isn't always that important. What usually hardly anybody thinks of me, I'm great in sports and can be very ambitious. I love a good bargain. I LOVE thrift store shopping with a passion and checking out clearance racks in the stores~ for me.... it's like a treasure hunt every time! I might be the world's biggest procrastinator​. ;) I'm not a party animal. I'm more of the strong silent type....But I prefer to watch and listen then to talk. People might think I'm bored.... but I'm not! trust me. When I warm up....I can be quite funny! ;) I'm a very indecisive girl. I'm always afraid of making the wrong decision. I find myself overwhelmed when confronted with too many choices. even in restaurants. I can study the menu for a good 30min before knowing what I want. and that can get on people's nerves. ;) My parents were happy and somehow I was too. And then, I wasn't very keen on taking up design ! I got into the corporate world back then - totally unplanned - got a good job with a decent salary. It kept me happy for a few years but not any more. And now "Design" has re-entered my life! ”Things I appreciate: different cultures, interesting people, people with good intentions, various kinds of art, any kind of music that\'s on point, wise words & people, humor, natural beauty of nature, sports, but volleyball is where my heart\'s at, things money can\'t buy.

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Favorite Quote “Finding your passion isn’t just about careers and money. It’s about finding your authentic self. The one you’ve buried beneath other people’s needs”
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I Appreciate Honesty and Truth

Liars Turn Me Thing is that even though I know you lied to me I gave you the benefit of the doubt. Somehow I put you above reasoning. Guess that makes me really stupid. So tired of people... [more]
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    As Im Writing This I'm Dancing...
    So feel free to not take me so seriously for the rest of this post. Why Im making so many jokes...ehh I don't know. Today was pretty frustrating in a few ways. One, people in my job think its cute to try and take advantage just because I can be a perfectionist at times. Two, girls at my job love to challenge me only to come begging me for help 5 minutes later. Three, I got out of there with my lips shut tight. I'm not trying to fck around with anyone right now. I'm trying to rebuild my patience and I've learned that snapping back at people is a waste of time. I'd rather not give them what they want which is exactly what I did.… [more]
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    I used to be a resolutions maker- a list of specific things I wanted to change about my day to day life (exercise, eat less junk, be nice to that person at work who annoys you, etc). I always miserably failed at them ..I felt like if the resolutions I made didn't make me feel good about what I was doing then they were the wrong ones to make. Now, I just live a day at a time and try to do the best I can for myself and to wake up each day anew and not drag yesterday's garbage along with me. to realize that I am in control of my actions and my direction.… [more]