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I Understand Vampirism

I Am A Vampire! I can understand that most people think that vampires are not real but they are! Being a vampire is not fangs or supernatural powers or eternal life but its a lifestyle that a person... [more]
  • I Had The Weirdest Dream

    Crazy Dreams I'm always having these weird dreams that make no since and when I tell someone they look at me like I'm crazy and there like are you ok....yes I'm fine its just that I have a mind of my own and it… [more]
  • I Am A New Person

    I Am The New Age Adult!! Wow its so great that 2010 is here and the world made it this far (HAPPY BIRTHDAAY EARTH)LOLI'm looking forward to going to college to insure a great future for myself. I won't all… [more]
  • I Finally Understood Myself

    Realizing And Discovering Because of the new year I have desided to shed out all negative and unwanted things and understand and become one with myself! I think I'm going to like the new year and I … [more]