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This is me what I do in the real world about me I wish I was a ghost hunter who travels the world just help people with paranormal troubles about me I'm a different who see ghost in real life asking for help about me I can draw dead people around who comes by and visited about me my nightmares comes true how they died some ghost shows how they died about me I believe paranormal is real it's not a game ! Also please don't judge me because I'm different girl that there such thing as a vampire they do exist about me I'm a real psychic who see ghost and vampire about I'm not scam pril fraud about me I'm a real deal ask my friends prove it because I'm the real me in real life !

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I Love To Travel Anywhere, Any Time

Travel The World I wish I travel the world because that be really awesome why since I was a kid want be a ghost hunter since my hole life because I'm a different girl who sees ghost in real life I also draw dead... [more]
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