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I don't know.......I'm asking myself still I'm confused but calm.

I\'m 1\'72m I\'m petite,I\'m very pale skinned,have hazelnut hair but dye it dark black.I have gothic beauty and have petite face-features.I love dark lipstick and funky style.I\'m a mixture of Cinderella and Avril lavigne(Rock) but I\'m very serene and very romantic in an odd way.I LIKE DRINKING BLOOD TOO.

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I Have a Confession

I confess that I had an argument with my youngest brother last week and kicked him out of the house for the whole night.I felt that I've changed from an innocent Gazelle to a Monster and I... [more]
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    A Man Proposed For Marriage Haleluia!!!!!! There was a woman  who had three beautiful daughters, but the problem was that all the three young ladies had an issue in the way theyspell the alphabet(S) They were always spelling it(Z).… [more]
  • I Believe In God, But Don't Believe the Bible Is Perfect

    The Holly Bible,quraa,taurats Are Just One Message Send By God. I believe in God and I'm 100% sure about the accuracy of the holly Quraan. I respect the Abrahamic religions cause these religions are the only real message that has been send by God to m… [more]
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    Alone Like A Dog. There  was a young man who had toothache and couldn't bear the pain so he went to the dentist.When he arrived at the dentist he told the doctor  that his molar is aching him and showed t… [more]
  • I Like to Eat Delicious Food

    Hot Spicy Grilled Chickens. I like to eat hot spicy grilled chicken and hot french fries and tomato and cucumber salad.I love spicy food and if my mother cooks anything that doesn't consist spices I always add hot re… [more]