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  • Family Confessions

    I hate my sister
    I hate my sister she is a total *****. Ever since I was a kid shes been slapping me and pulling my hair and calling me a rat and ugly. Now shes 18 and im 14 and shes a even bigger *****. She thinks im jealous of her and every time i walk past her she say rat. I really wanna get rid of her because i despise her and cant stand her. We just had this recent fight because I didnt give her something and she got mad and whined about it, and now my mom is on my stupid sister side. I told her I hated her and she just whined, "If you dont like me get out of this family" And now her calling me ugly and a freak is having a toll on my self astem. I could never find myself liking her she used to be my rol… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    My mother
    Ive been thinking about going and studying Buddhism, but since I as born into a christian family my mom thinks its not good, and she also thinks im evil. I told her that I think Buddhism is a thing that I should get into because it involves inner peace, life, and saving yourself. But she still thinks im not a good person, but I tell her I think this is best for me and I should choose what I should be into.… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    WHY ME!!
    I know its silly but I feel like whenever I like a guy or start thinking about him alot, he ends up liking someone else or ends up with another girl, this sucks and makes me feel bad because I wanted to be with the guy, I know its silly but know every time I start to like someone I try not to think about them becasue im scared they are gonna date someone else or like someone else. I dont know what to do help.… [more]
  • School Confessions

    Im SOo stressed
    At our school we have these big presentations that come up. And im so scared mines on monday and im soo stressed out all my friend have their presentations down but i dont and everyones expecting me to do good, they are telling me i have to have confidence in myself but i have none because im stressed. Im terrified and I dont know what to do.… [more]