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I am a person who is very productive..easy going..likable..reasonable

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I Love To Listen To The Sound Of Rain

I Love The Sound Of Rain A rainy season is the best in a calendar year  I feel.  The sound of rain, gives me  a ticklish kind of feelings.  As long as we are not Sugar, we won't melt, So don't... [more]
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  • I Hate It When People Stare At Me

    Wondering Why People Stare At Me When I see a person for the first time, I tend to make one look..Then I take back my look..Every normal humanbeings do this I guess..But in my experience,  lot of people tend to star… [more]
  • I Wonder Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

    I Too Wonder Why Bad Things Happen To Good People In this world there are Good people and bad people..According to BIBLE, it's like a war between two forces..The Angels versus Lucifer..Sometimes, Lucifer win over the angels..Angels st… [more]
  • I Like a Good Joke

    I Love A Good Joke WEDDING INVITATION. Dear Friend, I am getting married  next month..There would be a small party and only few people will be invi… [more]
  • I Like a Good Joke

    I Like A Good Joke.. A lady went to see a Psychologist in a prestigious hospital..She told the Doctor-" I feel always lonely and pls advise me what I am supposed to do  to overcome it"..The Doctor r… [more]